Decor Porn: 8 Nurseries With No Princess, Animal, Or Pirate Motif Needed

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decor pornA few weeks ago, we looked at updated nursery themes that moved beyond the traditional standbys of princesses and airplanes. We tried to put together some fresh, inventive decor ideas for those uber-nesting mothers-to-be out there. But as my wonderful colleague Eve Vawter reminded me, the best nursery decor doesn’t have to include princesses or animals, robots or mermaids.

Personally, my daughter’s nursery didn’t have a huge overarching theme. It was gone in warm pinks and browns, with an antique rocking chair from my grandmother and dresser gifted by my sister. The color scheme was based on a blanket crocheted by my mother. Honestly, I didn’t have a woodland animal or a princess in sight.

Sometimes, the best nurseries don’t need the cutesy themes to pull them together. We cull our children’s rooms from special pieces that stand out to us, that make us sigh with their adorableness and smile with their sweetness.

So I decided to put together some nursery layouts with just a few special pieces, the kind that you can’t say no to. From clean modern aesthetics to shabby chic to high glamour, just a couple pieces like they would be enough to create a beautiful interesting nursery. You could mix them in with Pottery Barn staples and Target basics. But these cribs, mirrors, and rugs will make any nursery unique and beautiful. And I promise, there isn’t an animal or tiara in sight.

I should gave fair warning. These unique and beautiful pieces often don’t come cheap. But even if you aren’t ready to splurge for a thousand dollar crib, there’s lots of inspiration to be had so that you can design your own dream nursery. The important thing is that you love it. Let’s face it, the baby couldn’t care less.