These Are The Very Best Mom Clapbacks Ruling The Internet

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The Best Body Shamer Clapback

Image: Facebook/DelicateFlower

In case you missed the fallout, in 2016 model Dani Mathers was at the gym. She saw a woman in the shower after working out and decided to take a picture, captioning it “If I can’t unsee this you can’t either.” You can see why this really pissed people off. In response, the woman behind Delicate Flower posted a picture of herself, one of her naked but censored. She said that she wasn’t pleased with the way her body looked in the photo, but what she was was real, healthy, and happy. These are all the reasons a woman should go to the gym. She told Dani Mathers where she could shove her body shaming in the epic take down above.

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