These Are The Very Best Mom Clapbacks Ruling The Internet

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The breastfeeding clapback

Image: Instagram/kellymarie_yoga

You know when you’re a clapback beast? The answer- when you use the internet to clapback at your own parents when they try to shame you for breastfeeding in public. That’s exactly what Kelly Marie did when her father tried to cover her with a linen napkin at a restaurant because she was breastfeeding her nine month old. Kelly said that she was doing what was natural but never received an apology from her dad when she explained that his actions made her feel embarrassed for doing what was best for her baby. In fact, her dad told her the restaurant they were at was “too nice” to allow for breastfeeding. You know what else is nice? Getting fed when you’re hungry, which is what Kelly was doing for her baby.

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