These Are The Very Best Mom Clapbacks Ruling The Internet

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The mother of all clapbacks

Image: Tumblr/adultpriveldge

This one is pretty straightforward, though seriously disturbing. A woman’s teenage daughter had “a talking to” at school, where she was instructed to no longer wear skinny jeans. Why? The school said that her dress was unfair to the male teachers. They were neither able to act on their temptations or ogle the teen girl as their apparently virile, uncontrollable male natures encouraged them to (insert epic eye roll here). The mom was rightly pissed. She went online and found a community that helped her clapback at the school. We agree with the mother. Any grown man tempted by the full length pants of a teenage girl (or any pants for that matter) have serious issues and should not find themselves in a career that puts them close to children.

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