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Top 10 Maya Angelou Quotes For Moms

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It’s easy to feel sad when such a wonderful woman, author, poet, and actress has died, but I don’t feel saddened by Maya Angelou’s passing in the least. It’s not because I am dead inside with a heart of stone—quite the opposite. It’s because this respected woman died at the age of 86 with a full life and proud legacy behind her. I can only hope that my own life is this long, rich, and beautiful.

The even better part of the story is that Angelou’s wisdom will continue to live on through her words. Angelou was well-written and well-educated; she spoke more than six different languages and was famous for her deeply moving autobiography I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, published in 1969.

As women and as mothers, we have so much to learn from Maya Angelou. Here are her top 10 quotes for mothers to celebrate her long, happy life:

1. How To Respect Yourself As A Woman


2. How To Measure Your Success As A Mother

3. How To Appreciate Your #MomLife

4. How To Be Yourself

5. How To End The Mommy Wars

6. How To Parent With Your Heart


7. How To Do Your Best For Your Children

8. How To Love Yourself First

Maya Angelou Quotes About Loving Yourself

9. How To Love Your Family

10. How To Love Openly And Freely