17 Of The Best Movies For Kids On Netflix Right Now

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Born in China

Pandas and monkeys and snow leopards, oh my! This documentary-style film will be a home run with kids of all ages. Who doesn’t love baby animals?! The film focuses on a giant panda named Ya Ya and her daughter Mei Mei, snow leopard Dawa and her adorable cubs, a mischievous golden snub-nosed monkey named Tao Tao, and a herd of wild chiru. It’s a great nature documentary for young kids, and even older kids will fall in love with the subjects of the movie. It’s always nice to come across kids movies that aren’t fantasy or animated or (let’s be honest) kind of stupid. This one is none of those things.

There are tons of movies to choose from, but these are the best kids movies on Netflix that I’ve seen, and my own kids enjoy. Happy streaming!

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