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5 Attractive Jobs for Professionals Embracing Parenthood For The First Time

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Public Relations Specialist

A public relations specialist works in marketing. They employ marketing and media strategies to promote their clients’ work. They can find employment at almost any organization ranging from healthcare, education, to government agencies.

Most PR specialists work on a contract basis. This allows parents to create their schedules. It also gives them a leeway to choose however many clients they want and find a balance between work and family.

PayScale lists the average yearly salary of a Public Relations Specialist as $48,249.

The good thing is that you do not require any specific education to become a PR specialist. Most successful candidates, however, have bachelor’s degrees in areas such as journalism, public relations, marketing, advertising, or something similar.

But if you have just become a parent and are thinking of switching industries, you can start by gaining experience through internships at PR firms. If you can find a connection or network with people in the same industry, it will be easier to get your foot in the door.

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