Open Thread: What Is The Cutest Infant Halloween Costume EVER?

Dressing up infants for Halloween is the best. They have no idea what’s going on, so you can basically do whatever you want. I hate it when parents are clearly dressing their older kids in costumes that are inside jokes for a more mature crowd – but doing this to your infant is totally fine. Whatever. They have no clue what Halloween is or why you’ve given them a unibrow as a nod to your favorite artist.

When kids actually have opinions, they should totally be allowed to pick their own costumes. Until that time arrives – have some fun. On my kid’s first Halloween, he made my Elvis-loving mom the happiest grandma in the world when he debuted as Fat Elvis:

Maria Guido

What kind of ridiculously cute things have you put your infant children into for Halloween? Do you have any favorites out there you want to share? There are plenty of first-time parents who are probably looking for ideas and we want to try to put together a guide for them.

So… what would you add to the Mommyish Definitive Guide To The Best Infant Halloween Costumes?

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