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10 Of TV’s Best Fictional DGAF Moms

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6. Mami Marquez, Dora The Explorer

Did you know that Dora’s last name is Marquez? Well, it is. Her mom definitely doesn’t give any fucks because when she does bother to show up it’s usually to encourage Dora to go play by volcanoes and stuff.

7. Kitty Foreman, That ’70s Show

I love Kitty Foreman because it makes me feel like it’s completely acceptable to mix up vodka sours sometime after lunch. She’s a nice drunk. A smiley drunk.

8. Helen Morgendorffer, Daria

Helen is driven and ambitious and assertive. And you don’t ever mess with her kids.

9. Kitty Kenarban, Malcolm In The Middle

You don’t really start to like Kitty until she has her mental breakdown and comes back a changed woman. We all need our mental breakdowns to complete our transition into motherhood, really.

10. Peggy Hill, King of The Hill


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