20 Amazing Mom Blogs That DIY So You Don’t Have To

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Who has time to DIY these days? Even if you don’t have as much crafting time as you would like, you can still check out amazing, impressive DIY projects for future endeavors. Thankfully, we’ve done the hard work for you by sifting through the best of the best mom blogs on the Internet that specialize in surprisingly easy DIY hacks.

Even if you are not the craftiest of moms, the craft world is interesting and fun to dabble in. Following a few mom craft blogs will help you to keep some tricks up your sleeve that you can pull out at your next child’s birthday party or when you make reindeer corndogs on Christmas. (Don’t ask.)

So, the moral of the story here is that you don’t have to be super crafty to follow mom craft blogs. DIY craft blogs are great to check out if you want to make instead of buy or even save money by reupholstering your kitchen chairs yourself. If you’ve got a little bit of time to burn on a Saturday afternoon, dig in and start the MAKING.

These 20 blogs are a must-follow for any sorta, kinda, maybe crafty mom:

1. Oh Happy Day


Oh Happy Day is a must-visit for whimsical, delicate DIY: The wrapping inspirations will knock your socks off.

2. Lady And The Blog


Her style, beauty, and fashion section is just plain addicting.

3. A Time Out For Mommy


Simple, tasty recipes that you must try tonight, starting with the pumpkin and toasted pumpkin seed soup.

4. Willy B Mum


Her adorable knitting projects make me want to channel my inner grandma.

5. One Savvy Mom


Cute does not even begin to describe her massive collection of DIY, family-friendly crafts.

6. Dagmar’s Home


I always thought that I sucked at home decor until I read this user-friendly blog.

7. Jolly Mom


A massive amount of free printables for Valentines, greeting cards, and more.

8. DIY Inspired


Her blog features an amazing trash to treasure section to save money and benefit the environment.

9. Obviously Marvelous


Check her out for an impressive collection of food reviews and recipes.

10. Make It Or Fix It


Known for its amazing picture tutorials, this blog offers the inside scoop on DIY, gardening, fashion, sewing, and home decor.

11. Design Mom


Her Ask Design Mom section is invaluable to simplify household DIY.

12. A Cup Of Jo


Gotta love her extensive Food & Drink section with dinner etiquette, best recipes, and more.

13. Jenny On The Spot


Favorite DIY crafts, perfect for holidays and special occasions.

14. Little Inspiration 


She has a solid selection of no-sew projects, for those of us who aren’t handy with a needle and thread.

15. Helen Jane


Even a novice cook can pull off her gourmet quality recipes, with tons of pictures in helpful tutorials.

16. Oh Dear Drea


She offers an impressive, varied how-to selection of home, garden, kitchen, and kid-friendly crafts.

17. Baby Rabies


Her DIY crafts range from hilarious to practical, like a handmade holiday burlap wreath.

18. Mama’s Losing It


You won’t be able to get enough of her funny vlogs and kid-friendly DIY crafts.

19. Confessions Of A Stay At Home Mom


This stay at home mom knows what’s up and will wow you with her simplified DIY projects.

20. High Heels And Dirty Dishes


This irreverent mom blog will be your go-to for a dose of the real world mixed with some DIY fun.