Mommyish’s Definitive Guide To The Best Infant Halloween Costumes

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6. Cute Way To Serve Raw Fish

sushi baby costume-TheCostumeCafe/Etsy

Chopsticks are not included in Looby‘s idea, but you can dab pickled ginger behind baby’s ears to really lend the costume an extra touch of realism.

7. Cute Dietary Source Of Carbohydrates

Rachel Sea‘s costume idea is the greatest thing since sliced … well, you know.

8. Cute Way To Make Pictures Of Your Baby Go Viral On Tumblr

This suggestion was raised by both Jem and Kelly. Bonus points to any parent who can teach their little one to yell “wub wub!” while wearing this. But be careful not to take video if you do, because that will hit every corner of the Internet before you can say, “I have a bad feeling about this.” You are pretty much guaranteed to win squeals of approval from other parents with any pop culture reference originating from between 1970 and 1990, but Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Princess Bride costumes have to top the list.

9. Cute Reference To The Holiday We’re All Pretending Isn’t Just Around The Corner

Add a pair of hipster glasses to any pink bunny suit, and you can re-recreate Boozy Shark Lee‘s recreation of Ralphie’s pink nightmare from A Christmas Story. This is the only really scary costume on the list, because it reminds us that within two months, this movie will be playing on TV for 24 hours straight. If you’ve never seen A Christmas Story, there’s always the option of striking fear into the hearts of fellow trick-or-treat parents by dressing baby as a turkey.

10. Cute Cute Cutey Cute Cute OH MY GOD SO CUTE

C is for cookie, and also for colossally cute costume. It’s ohladyjayne who rounds out the list by actually exploding my ovaries with the amazingly adorable cookie costume she made for her daughter. Thanks, ohladyjayne: now I have to figure out my kids’ first Halloween costumes with exploded ovaries to work around.

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