8 Things Moms Secretly Want For Mother’s Day

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5. A family shopping trip (that you and the kids go on)

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If you really want to make her swoon, go grocery shopping. Everyone hates grocery shopping. Oh, and don’t come home with anything from a Kay Jeweler’s commercial if you know what’s good for you.

6. Flowers (delivered while she’s home alone because you’re out with the kids)

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Idea: give live flowers, but make one of them fake. You’re allowed to come home when the last one dies. Don’t worry, she’ll start to miss you eventually.

7. Candy (for you and the ki– actually, wait, give me the candy and then leave)

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It’s like taking candy from your baby. It’s Mother’s Day, so I’m pretty sure you’re allowed to do that.

8. A night at a hotel (for mom, while you stay home with the kids)

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This is the show of appreciation every mom dreams of while she’s feeding babies and getting covered in vomit and poop. A shower, a television, and a bed just for her. Forget everything else. Just get this.

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