Expectant Mom Who Let Belly Ballot Name Her Baby For $5000 Is Not A Mom, Or Even Expecting

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belly ballot fakeNatasha Hill, the Southern California mom who was reportedly being paid $5,000 to let the baby name website, Belly Ballot, choose her baby name is not a mom. She’s not even pregnant. She’s not even Natasha Hill! The baby name hoax has been revealed!

TODAY reports that Natasha Hill is actually Natasha Lloyd, an actress and “struggling single art teacher” in Los Angeles who was hired by the website for publicity. Both Natasha and Belly Ballot founder Lacey Moler have confessed and confirmed.

Moler coughed up the news after some “inconsistencies” in the whole Natasha Hill story seemed a little fishy to TODAY. After a receiving a tip, TODAY pushed and Moler spilled all, ultimately saying that nobody entered Belly Ballot’s baby name contest. So the company improvised:

“We came up with the idea for the contest and we knew it would be controversial,” Moler said. “But we’re a start-up and we wanted to control the situation.”

So, she said, she and her staff decided to “hire someone to be the mom”… Lloyd was hired to play the “winner” and then the public would get to cast a vote for one of five boy names and five girl names on March 18…“We never thought it would get this big,” says Moler. “But after [“Hill” was announced as the winner], so many real applications from moms came pouring in.”

Everyone is keeping mum on how much Lolyd was actually paid for her faux pregnancy, or even whether she can still expect to be paid following the hoax bust. A stain on the journey that is online baby naming!

(photo: Amir Ridhwan / Shutterstock)