Wellness Blogger Hit With Huge Fine After Pretending She Cured Cancer With Clean Living

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The world is full of wellness bloggers of varying degrees of success, but few achieve the fame and fortune of best-selling author and blogger Belle Gibson. Her success was no surprise. She wrote a book about how she cured terminal brain cancer by giving up gluten and sugar. Of course everyone bought that book! I love gluten and sugar more than my own family, but if I had cancer and you said that might cure it, I’d give them up in a heartbeat. A lot of people felt that way, and they bought Gibson’s cookbook and her app. But Gibson’s story was all a big, fat lie. Now an Australian court fined her $410,000, or $322,000 in US dollars for lying about charitable donations.

Gibson became famous in 2013 when she wrote on her blog that she had a terminal brain tumor. According to Gibson, doctors had told her she had just months to live. Then she claimed a miracle had happened. She gave up sugar and gluten and devoted herself to clean living and “alternative medicine,” and she said her brain tumor completely went away.

She started selling a clean living cookbook and app called The Whole Pantry.

According to ABC News, Gibson refused to let any journalists see her medical records. If her brain cancer really had gone away, that would have been a huge story. But there should have been medical records showing it.

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