10 Things Only Parents With The Winter Blues Will Understand

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Throughout much of the country, winter is a long, cold and miserable season. I live in the northeast and our winters are notoriously punishing. They can last anywhere from four to seven months with snow, ice and barely any daylight. Sure, you can go skiing now and then or take up other winter sports but that can’t happen every day and all of that time stuck indoors can definitely give you a case of the winter blues. It seems to be even worse for me since having kids. I have not only my own boredom and stir-craziness to deal with, but their cabin fever as well. I dread the months after Christmas is over in a way that only fellow parents with the winter blues will understand. Here are things we can all likely relate to as the days (and our patience) both grow shorter:

1. The never-ending boredom that winter can bring.

bored emma

There are only so many indoor activities for kids. Often, driving in the bad weather is not the best idea and there is not a whole lot to do anyway. All I can say is that I am grateful my kids are getting a tablet and hand-held gaming console for Christmas this year.

2. Guilt from not playing outside enough is the worst.

guilty face

Some people may not mind the snow and cold but I do. I try to suck it up and take them outside when feasible but my son doesn’t have much patience for getting wet and it’s only light out for about an hour after school lets out anyway. Le Sigh.

3. How pale can we get?


I had a doctor’s appointment the other day and the nurses asked me if I may be anemic. Nope, just my usual winter pallor setting in. Lovely.

4. The panic that creeps in when school is closed. Again.

panic time

This is my first winter working from home with school-age kids. When school closes repeatedly due to bad snow storms, I will be working from home with the kids buzzing around me. I can’t wait!

5. It’s so hard to get to the gym. 


When it’s horribly cold outside and you know you will come out covered in sweat that will freeze to your eyebrows, staying home by the fire sounds a lot more appealing.

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