Being A Parent Has Made Me Very Superstitious

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When I travel with my children, I don’t have to do any of these things. I also no longer leave my purses on the floor, because apparently that can bring bad news, and I now have something red in every room in my house, because that is supposed to bring good luck.

When people say, “Oh your daughter is so sweet and talented,” or, “Your son is so adorable,” I smile and say “Thank you,” and then I have to knock on wood 16 times (frantically finding a table or a tree) because I want them to remain sweet and talented and adorable. Yes, 16 times. Why that number? I have no friggin idea, but I can tell you that before I had children, I didn’t need to touch planes before I got onto them, I left my purses on the floor, and I didn’t have to knock on wood.

It does SOUND like I’m crazy, but these are just little superstitions, kind of like sports players who have their own superstitions before big games. It makes no sense really but there I am, just like them. When I make a wish (let’s say over an eyelash or a birthday candle they are always about…I can’t say it aloud, or even write it but I’m sure you all know what my wishes are about.)

I am not OCD. I do not wash my hands 27 times in an hour. I do not have to turn the light switch on and off 50 times before I leave a room. I just have a couple strange things I do now that I have children. I know in theory all these things are somewhat ridiculous, or ARE ridiculous, but, hey, they say that children suck the brain cells out of you (True that!) My children have changed my brain. But at least, like one of my friends, I don’t read my children’s horoscopes every day. Now THAT is crazy!

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