10 Ways Love Actually Perfectly Captures Being A Mom During The Holidays

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While full of fun and excitement, the holidays can also be stressful. There’s a million things to accomplish and with so much happening, it’s practically given that not everything will go off according to plan. I like to unwind during this season with some cookies and by watching Love Actually. While most know this movie as a romantic comedy, I love it because I feel like moments in it perfectly capture how I feel as a mom during the holidays.

1. There’s a typo on your Christmas card.

You spent hours finding a photo where no one had a weird smile, choosing the perfect font and licking all those envelopes. And not once did you notice that you wished everyone a “Hapy New Year!”

2. You realize you forgot to shop for your cousin’s Secret Santa gift as she is handing you a present.

You were so happy to draw her from the basket of names because you’re still working on repairing the damage over the 4th of July jello mold incident.You’re frantically trying to remember if there’s a sealed bottle of lotion or unlit candle anywhere in your house while knowing deep down that she will never let you live this down. So much for burying the hatchet.

3.  Unexpected guests drop by.

Don’t you love it when your wayward brother shows on your doorstep without warning bearing noisy toys for the kids and a request for a loan that he won’t pay back? Or when your mother-in-law drops by because she was out shopping in the neighborhood and the house is a complete disaster. ‘Tis the season!

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