Anonymous Mom: I’m A Mom With A Secret Kink Of Being An Adult Baby

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Being A Mom As An Adult BabyWell, where to start? I’m a young mother living in upstate New York, weathering my way through community college for an Interior Design degree. I live with my fiance in a nice house, with our five-year-old daughter. On the outside, I’m exactly the kind of parent that people expect me to be, and that I always wanted to be growing up; I discipline when needed, make sure my girl knows what she should and shouldn’t do, and I feed her right. She gets playtime at her school, her friends come over to visit – we’re a comfortable family.

But we’re a family with a secret, and it’s one that very few people know about; my fiancé and I are adult babies.

For those of you who don’t know, that means that we’re people who like to dress and act like small children, which includes things ranging from the simple act of playing with Legos and dolls, to the much more shocking sleeping in adult sized cribs, drinking from bottles and, yes, even wearing and sometimes using adult diapers. Now, please try to understand that this isn’t some sort of freaky pedophilic behavior that so many in the media try to make it out to be – it’s a kink. For a lot of people, it’s a completely non-sexual thing, a way for them to relive their childhoods and get love and care that they might not get from other places. For others, however, it is sexual. Some get off from the humiliation aspect of it, some just like to practice ageplay and pretend that they’re young, and some just like the feeling of a used diaper, which can be compared to the semi-common fetish of watersports.

It isn’t as if it’s a thing unheard of in society. There have been several documentaries made about this, from an episode of the TLC television show “My Strange Addiction“, to an episode of the National Geographic show “Taboo“. While they weren’t painting completely negative images, if you’ve seen them then you know that they weren’t really painting positive or even unbiased images. It’s treated like a freakshow instead of an increasingly common thing. There are entire forums devoted to people who are into this sort of thing, with only a small percentage of it being sexual in the slightest. There is an ever growing industry for people making adult-sized pacifiers, bottle nipples, diapers, cribs, onsies – you name it. It’s a profitable industry to be in, because so few people are actually in on it.

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