6 Things To Think About Before You Plan For A Second Baby

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before having a second baby

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Having a baby is a monumental decision, one that most people make after a lot of consideration. It changes your life completely, in every way possible. Yes, becoming a parent is wondrous and amazing. But it’s also incredibly hard and expensive, and you can’t just undo it! But once it’s done, once you’ve ripped off the bandage, it just feels … right. You get used to all the “negatives”, like no sleep and no money. You find joy in places you never thought to look. And one day, you wake up and realize that you might want to do this all over again. But there’s a lot to consider before having a second baby.

In many ways, adding another child to your family is harder than deciding to have a baby in the first place. You’ve adjusted your life in so many ways, and are finally in a good rhythm, and now you’re going to shake things up all over again. Will you be able to manage two kids, one being a newborn? Does your heart get bigger, and will there be enough love? How can you be sure your first child will be excited and welcoming to their new brother or sister? There are a lot of decisions you need to make before having a second baby, and this list can help.

One of the very first things to consider before having a second baby is whether or not you can manage it financially.

having a second baby

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According to the US Department of Agriculture, it now costs over $233,000 to raise a child from birth to through the age of 17. That’s … a lot of money. Now double that, and that’s what you’re on the hook for when you have another child. It’s just the upfront costs that you have to consider, like medical bills, diapers, formula, and daycare. You have to look at the big picture and consider how your family will budget when you have two kids in school and sports and (gasp!) college. Not being ready financially isn’t necessarily a reason to never have a second child – it just means that might need a bit more time to save and get your finances in order.

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