Parenting Fail: Filling Your Toddler’s Sippy Cup With Beer

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children and alcoholI’m the first to admit that I’ve served my children beer, wine, coffee, Diet Coke. And by “serve” I mean I’ve let them take a tiny sip out of my cup when I can no longer take their whining and pestering. Nine times out of 10, the taste makes them gag and they never ask for it again (mission accomplished!). On the rare occasion when my plan backfires, I simply tell them, “Too bad. This is a grown-up drink,” and send them on their way. It’s this thing called parenting – something Valerie Marie Topete should try some time.

The Arizona mom was having dinner at her local pizza joint when her 2-year-old son “kept reaching” for the pitcher of beer on the table. In what I can only assume was an attempt to keep him quiet, Topete allegedly filled her toddler’s sippy cup with the foamy stuff and at one point left the child alone at the table with it. (Mother of the Year!)

The boy was taken to the hospital as a precaution and was later released to his father (who, incidentally, happened to be at the pizza place, along with the couple’s two other children, when this all went down). Topete, meanwhile, was charged with one count of child abuse.

Truth be told, I’m not even judging Topete for giving her 2-year-old beer. Apparently it’s way more common than you’d think. What I am judging, however, is that she filled her child’s sippy cup with alcohol, which is very different from offering him a sip or two. Because, let’s face it, a toddler could easily get drunk from 4 oz. of beer – and there is simply no justification for that.

(Photo: Arvind Balaraman/Shutterstock)