Mother’s Little Helper: Beauty Products Delivered To Your Front Door

BirchboxRemember those Sunday mornings where you’d sleep in, go to spin class, then head out for brunch and shopping with the girls? Now it’s all about pancake breakfasts and playdates. Which is actually very sweet and rewarding but, well, sometimes when the kids are having simultaneous meltdowns and my kitchen looks like it’s been hit by a bomb, I long for some of that pre-kid self-indulgence.

That explains why I’m loving Birchbox, a company that delivers high-end beauty products straight to your door (Merry Christmas, mamas!). Co-founders Hayley Barna and Katia Beauchamp two lovelies who met at Harvard Business School cut through the clutter to find the beauty products that really work. And, as style junkies themselves, these women know what’s up (turns out there’s more to beauty products than pretty packaging).

Here how it works: For $10 a month, you sign up to receive a selection of four or five samples everything from moisturizer to lip gloss to under-eye concealer (a tired mom must-have) delivered to your home each month. Brands range from Kiehl’s to Cargo, Smashbox to Stila, which means lots of variety. If you like you what you’ve tried, you can order the full-size version directly from Birchbox’s online store (so long, crowded malls). Each buy earns you points that can be used toward future purchases.

Right now I’m in the midst of tackling my giant holiday gift list and, I must say, the idea of receiving my own little box of beauty products each month is getting me into the holiday spirit. Like most moms out there, I don’t have time to research, shop and linger like I used to, which is why I love the idea of someone else doing all the leg work and sending me the best of the (beauty) bunch.

I’m also thinking this will make an awesome gift for a special few on my “nice” list. My sister, for example, is seven months pregnant with her second. She’s feeling rather emotional and overworked these days, but I know that opening her front door to a box full of beauty products will cheer her up big-time. (Hello, what multitasking mom wouldn’t be thrilled?)

Then, when the baby’s up all night and showering becomes a luxury, another beauty box arrives at the door. This might just be a busy mom’s best-kept secret.

Get a Birchbox subscription for yourself or a busy mama you know right now, just follow this link.

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