Beating The Winter Blahs: Beauty Products For Busy Moms

BirchboxYesterday was the coldest winter day so far and it sucked. Everyone was walking around all angry and miserable and everywhere I went, people were bitching about the weather. The worst part is that my kids, who are still on winter break, were cooped up inside and they were starting to get a little stir-crazy. So I did what any sane mom would do and booked myself a facial.

Mother of the year, I know. But, hey, my boys had fun with their dad while I attempted to beat the winter blahs. And, let me tell you, it worked like magic. Ninety minutes of pampering and I’m a whole new person (one with beautifully hydrated skin!). The whole thing has kick-started my New Year’s resolution, which is totally typical but I’ll share it anyway, and that is to treat myself a bit more.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m all about Bikram and manicures and I won’t pretend otherwise. But sometimes busy moms deserve that extra something special. And if it comes in the form of beauty products, all the better. That’s the gist of Birchbox, a company that delivers deluxe beauty products straight to your front door every month. It’s actually a simple concept but absolutely genius at the same time: you pay $10 a month to receive a selection of four or five hand-picked samples each month everything from shimmery lip gloss to decadent bath salts.

During the holidays, I was thrilled to receive the odd holiday card in the mail amid all the bills and gym-membership flyers. So the thought of receiving high-end beauty products to try out during these dreary winter months excites me all the more. I might not always have the time for a full-on facial, but sometimes something as simple as trying out a new face mask can work wonders for your ego and sanity.

To get a Birchbox subscription for yourself or a busy mom you know, click here.

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