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You Need This Barbie Sweatsuit To Humiliate Your Daughter At The Bus Stop

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There are no words.  Except Barbie, Barbie, Barbie, Barbie, Barbie. Places you could possibly wear this fabulous Barbie sweatsuit? To humiliate your children at the bus stop. To humiliate your partner at their place of employment. To humiliate your friends when you meet them for coffee. To wear to your Barbie themed wedding. 

We’ve discussed that mom who wants to look like Barbie here before,  and there is something far less troublesome about just wearing a Barbie themed sweatsuit. A sweatsuit, unlike thousands of dollars in plastic surgery, you can just take off if you decide it wasn’t the best idea!

Now, now, I’m not fashion-shaming here. I actually like this Barbie sweatsuit.

I honestly would get this for my daughter if they sold it in her size, because I think it’s hilarious. I’m trying to figure out how an adult human (Not Barbie) woman could get away with wearing it in public. I’m sure it would work lounging around the house and doing laundry, but where exactly could you wear this Barbie sweatsuit in all seriousness without people around you giving you the crook eye? You could probably wear the pants with a plain T or the top with a pencil skirt and make it look halfway passable. Would this be okay to wear while running into the grocery store? To pick up your kid from school? Could you wear this anywhere without it being just a joke that is probably only hilarious to me?  I have no idea, but please, someone, anyone, purchase this lovely ensemble and then send me photographs of you wearing it.

(Photo: Asos)