Devastated Phantom Pregnancy Father Speaks Out About Imaginary Quintuplets

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Barbara Bienvenue Phantom PregnancyThe man who was led to believe that he would soon be the father of quintuplets has spoken out about the moment he discovered his girlfriend Barbara Bienvenue wasn’t really pregnant. Paul Servat spoke with the QMI Agency and I cannot imagine how devastated this poor guy is, especially considering another news source is claiming that Barbara pulled this same stunt with another man in 2010. On Wednesday, when Barbara began complaining of stomach pains Paul took her to the hospital where staff told him they had no file for the pregnancy. A nurse finally took Servat aside to show him the results of blood tests. According to The Toronto Sun, Paul is devastated by the entire ordeal  and feels awful for all of the donations the couple has received:

“I’ll return all these things to people who sent them or give them (away),” Servat said.

“I’m a good person and I have nothing to do with these lies.”


I also have sympathy for Bienvenue, because she obviously has huge mental issues. According to the report, she believed so deeply in her phantom pregnancy that she had morning sickness and actually began lactating, in addition to gaining a lot of weight which helped in her belief (and getting her partner to believe) she was actually pregnant with five babies. According to the Daily Mail:

‘Even my parents, they were so looking forward to having grandchildren.’

As weeks passed Bienvenue told Servat she was expecting twins, then triplets, then quadruplets and finally the stunning news that there were five babies in her belly.


Bienvenue is now under psychiatric observation.

One thing I find totally odd about this case is that how Barbara kept Paul from attending any doctor’s visits or ultrasound appointments, because one would think that he would be totally interested n how the babies were growing. That part I really don’t understand. This case is such a mess, but I do feel bad for Barbara. I can’t imagine what would drive someone to invent a story like this, and it’s sort of easy to just say she was desperate for attention, but for all we know, maybe she had huge infertility issues and badly wanted a baby and this manifested in her creating such a huge fantasy for herself and the man she was involved with.

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