Mom Names Her Twins Obama & Romney Which Means Scolding Just Got Way More Fun

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Barack Obama Mitt Romney twinsThe 2012 election may have come to a much-needed halt last night but one mother will forever be keeping the names Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in her consciousness. That’s because she birthed twin boys and slapped them both with the first and last names of each politician. It’s going to be election cycle 2012 for a long time in that household.

BBC reports that 20-year-old Millicent Owuor wrapped her newborn boys in white and blue blankets (not, you know, red and blue). The young woman lives outside of Nairobi, Kenya and can be seen gazing lovingly at her new brood.

A newspaper in Kenya reports that Owuor chose the President and Republican nominee’s names for her boys because she wanted to remember the day of the election. And it would seem that she aligned the birth order of her sons with that electoral vote count:

“I named the first twin Barack and the second one Mitt,” Ms Owuor is quoted by Reuters news agency as saying.

As those infants get into their toddler years, some very interesting motherly shouts are going to be heard. I can already envision a whole “Barack! I said put that down! Don’t tease Mitt. You know he doesn’t like that. Mitt! What did mommy just say? I told you not to climb on Obama while I’m on the phone! Now you play nice with Barack, understand me?”

Hey, perhaps she could’ve been a debate moderator.

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