A Shopping Mall In Australia Has Flat Out Banned Your Screaming Kids

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banned kidsAll those among us who have ever had to drag a screaming 2-year-old from the floor of a Target or have been faced with quieting a 3-year-old in a bookstore are officially not welcome at Dee Why Grand shopping complex. The Australian mall has banned screaming kids — and therefore you.

Sky News reports that the mall, which is north of Sydney, has told customers that shrieking brats “will not be tolerated” any longer. After receiving a series of complains about loud children “running amok” in the food court, mall has posted the following notice:

“Stop. Parents please be considerate of other customers using the food court. Screaming children will not be tolerated in the centre.”

Manager Brenda Mulcahy says that both staff and customers have complained about the screeching, which she reportedly hears “miles away” in her office. Some staff apparently avoid the food court all together because they find the rampant screaming of kids “unbearable.” And shame shame on you laissez-faire mommies (and of course, no shame for daddies):

“People deserve the quiet enjoyment of their cup of tea,” Ms Mulcahy told The Manly Daily newspaper.  “Mothers have to be more responsible. We have had so many complaints.”

The ban has reportedly — and predictably — set the “parenting community” in Australia ablaze — mommy blog angry comments style. But as far as the Yahoo comments are concerned, readers are in favor.

Samantha chimes in on that tsk tsk, bad mothering:

And about time too, all too often mothers allow their unruly offspring to behave in a totally unacceptable manner in public without correcting them. Crying hysterically and just screaming for the sake of it are two different things…

John B Slope simply writes, “ban the parents I say.” Meanwhile, James is dictating who should even have kids based on his personal experiences:

Finally. I’m fed up listening to whining brats in shopping centres, planes, trains and elsewhere. The parents for the most part couldn’t give a shyte. If you can’t control your kids, don’t have any.

Or just don’t go to Dee Why Grand shopping complex.

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