Real-Life ‘Bad Santa’ Pisses Parents Off And Makes Children Cry

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Santa ClausSanta was fired this week. Don’t worry, not the real Santa. Just a crappy mall impostor with a penchant for making children cry.

I thought grumpy Santa’s were the stuff of legend and hilarious Christmas movies. It turns out they really do exist. One got fired last week for being a grumpy asshole. I would think it was kind of hilarious, if it weren’t for the crying, traumatized children.

Angry parents took to Facebook to notify Santa’s employer, The Maine Mall of South Portland, that they were paying someone to ruin Christmas. Parents accused Santa of things like not letting kids sit on his lap if they didn’t purchase a picture package and making children cry. Here are some comments from angry parents on the Maine Mall Facebook page:

Very disappointed in Santa this year. My girls were hesitant to see him (they have never hesitated before) and he made my son cry.


He made my 11 year old son cry – basically told him he was being greedy – my son who has neurological problems and very much believes was so confused!!! I don’t know what to do now. If I take him to a new Santa elsewhere my kids might notice the difference. They have always believed the mall had the real Santa.


He was rude and inappropriate and didn’t act like a Santa at all. I am upset over this I can’t even sleep. We usually wait , but had to run some errands and figured we’d stop by while watching the trains and no line Big mistake – now I have a very confused child wondering why Santa was mean to him.


If any of you have little ones DON’T bring them to see Santa at The Maine Mall. One mom and her little girl came all the way just to see him, but because they had no money for pictures she was not allowed to say hi and put his hands across his lap so she couldn’t even sit on him. The little girl was heartbroken.

Bah, Humbug, Santa – you jerk. I scoured the Facebook page to see if anyone complained that he was smoking a cigar and reeking of whiskey just to make the awful image complete. No luck.

I understand that this must be one the crappiest jobs ever, what with the hot polyester suit and tons of children sitting on your lap barking Christmas present orders at you all day long – but geez. Kindness is a prerequisite for some jobs. A job where you emulate a young child’s Christmas hero is definitely one of them.

You suck, Santa.

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