Mommyish Debate: Is Blowing Your Stack With Your Kids Bad Parenting?

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Eve: We are all so fucking lucky. Seriously, we all have food, clean water, warm homes and clothes for our kids. We have NO reason to be all blowing up at them.

They should be belitted because they are amazingly dumb people! LOL Belitte away! If your kid is skinning cats, yes, you should FREAK, but what people get so upset about is stupid.

See, people think that kids are so fragile and if we aren’t super duper careful they will grow up to be failure humans and it just isn’t true. 90% of normal kid behaviour is just that, normal. Parents blow up when they expect kids to be different than what they are, which is kids.

Lindsay: Really, I don’t think it’s funny. And I don’t think that attitude helps anyone at all. Yes, you might have a wonderful life and it’s nice that you see that and feel grateful. That’s awesome. But suggesting that no one has anything to worry about or any reason to lose their temper is ridiculously narrow-minded.

Eve: I think it’s hilarious! I do, really. And FFS, help people? with what? If people are capable of having a kid they should be capable of NOT freaking out at them.

Lindsay: That’s super nice to say Eve. But you’re completely ignoring reality.

Eve: The reality of it is that people expect their kids to be these cartoon caricatures of whatever BS they have concocted and when kids fail, which they do, people freak. It’s silly.

Lindsay: The fact is, all kinds of people have kids. Lots of them aren’t capable of controlling their emotions or processing stress or anger. And those people do need help so that they don’t take their tempers too far.

Eve: Then those people need therapy! Hardcore therapy!

Lindsay: Children failing to be perfect is not the only reason that people freak. People lose their tempers all the time, for all manner of reasons. And I would bet lots of them can’t afford therapy.

Eve: And most of those reasons are stupid.

Lindsay: And I’m sure hearing you put those reasons down will make everything better and it will all just go away.

Eve: Give me one example that justifies a total freak, that doesn’t include your kid harming an animal or raping someone or drunk driving.

Lindsay: If only they had you to tell them that their financial concerns or job pressures or family drama or grief was stupid.

Eve: That is totally separate from your children!

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