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We Are The Mothers -And Fathers- Our Parents Warned Us About

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Sadly, for every heartwarming anecdote I can share, we will still hear stories about parents who seem to be doing everything in their power to raise assholes. I do think the majority of today’s parents are a lot more aggressive about raising kids who aren’t intolerant bigots and creeps. I think we are a lot more involved with aspects of our own children’s lives than our parents were, and that could have do with the fact that as a world we are a lot more connected than we were when our parents had us. And this makes me happy. I think back in the day parents who care about the issues we care about, who are politically and socially aware, who raise our kids with the ideals that we are all equal, who teach our sons not to be rapists and who rally with our daughters when they are confronted with sexism, would have been seen as the minority and not the majority.

But now the tables have turned, and parents today are the sort of parents our own parent’s parents would have warned us about. Now we just need a cool term to start identifying with. Can anyone make “Great White Shark Parents” sound a little catchier?

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