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We Are The Mothers -And Fathers- Our Parents Warned Us About

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We don’t view abortion as a life-destroying event, and we don’t want to punish our daughters for having them, because we realize the act of having to have an abortion is not exactly a happy fun-time experience. Now, I don’t want my own daughter to ever have an abortion. I don’t wish this procedure on anyone. But compared to how our own parents and their parents viewed abortions, parents today are a lot more understanding of the simple fact that an abortion can be seen as the only solution, and we are less apt to consider it an “end-of-the-world” event. Some of our mothers fought to keep abortions safe and legal, and a hell of a lot of us raise our voices when this is threatened.

Intolerance really pisses us off. A perfect example of this is how much we, and I mean the collective we here, refuse to accept hate groups is the collective reaction we have against the Westboro Baptist Church. It doesn’t matter if you are a Republican or a Democrat, we don’t want to see, our our kids to see, your signs with messages of intolerance and aborted fetuses as you stand on the side of the road. We don’t want you disrupting the funerals of our nation’s heroes. We refuse to let your politicize a horrific tragedy to further your own hate-spewing agenda. We may support free-speech, but we may also demand that you shut up and go away.

We hate it when you bully our gay kids. And if you do, we will hunt you down. When we hear about a gay kid being bullied to suicide for their sexual orientation, even the most right-wing homophobic parent bristles and gets upset at this. Even if we have differing views on homosexuality, the majority of us take huge issue with kids being bullied. A publication like Ladies Home Journal wouldn’t have touched this topic when our own parents first had us.

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