Mother-Of-The-Year Helps Daughter Beat Up Her 12-Year-Old Friend

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shutterstock_69228334You often hear bad parenting blamed for the behavior of children. If you hear a child swear, it’s always, Well, where do you think he learned that? I’m usually in agreement with this theory. After seeing this story – even more so. A California mother allegedly waited in an alley with her daughter to help her beat up another classmate. Who gets the mother-of-the-year award? Not her.

The two girls agreed to fight after school. Amber Lee Gutierriez, 33, decided to go along with her daughter. That is unbelievably weird, but it doesn’t stop there. She then decided to help her daughter out in the fight, throwing punches at a 12-year-old girl. The whole thing was caught on a cell phone camera and is really disturbing. L.A. Now reports:

The two girls from Dana Middle School had agreed to fight but then the other girl turned up with the mother and another woman. In the video the mother can be seen delivering blows to the child. The incident left the child with a possible broken arm. During the conflict the adults yelled expletives and allegedly called the child who is African American a racial slur.

Gutierrez faces a possible maximum state prison term of seven years. Prosecutors say at this point no juvenile case has been presented at this time, but the LAPD is continuing to investigate.

The mother wasn’t the only adult to tag along to the fist fight. The girl’s aunt came, too. So you have two adults present at an after school fight amongst tweens. One does nothing to stop it – the other joins in and breaks a 12-year-old’s arm? I have no words. Oh wait, yes I do – throw that horrible woman in jail.

She turned herself in to police after footage of the fight emerged online. She has been charged with felony assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury and is being held on $100,000 bond. The mother of the girl who she attacked is wondering why she isn’t being charged with a hate crime since the tape shows her uttering racial slurs.

Maybe her daughter was being bullied, maybe she was fed up – who knows? But I think at best you use the situation to teach your kids that violence doesn’t solve problems. At worst you do nothing. What she did was demonstrate horrible parenting and also commit a felony.

Good job, Mom.

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