10 #BadMom Tweets That Will Make You Feel Like The Mother Of The Year

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There are times in every mother’s life when you are going to feel like a bad mom. It’s just a fact of life. Actually, I would wager to bet that most of us red-blooded mothers feel like bad moms at least once a day. For me, it’s when I bite my tongue and try to suppress my internal rage when both of my kids slap their nutritionally sound dinners onto the floor for the eighth time in a row. It’s fine. Don’t worry. I love making complicated meals that no one eats. (Cue martyr-ish instrumental ballad in the background.)

But really, if you love your kids and are trying at least most of the time, you’re definitely not a bad mom. I would have to say that this goes for the majority of us who are actually trying and even taking the time to read a parenting blog to figure out how this whole mothering shindig works. You’re definitely not a bad mom, even though you may feel like it on most days.

But of course, social media begs to differ. Here are 10 #BadMom labels on Twitter that will make you feel like the best mother in the world:

1. Eating Your Kid’s Candy: Classic #BadMom.


2. One Of Our Own Faking The #BadMom Status?! Say It Ain’t So!


3. Shut Up, You Idiots! Wait… Leave That Glass Of Wine By The Door When You Go.


4. Forgetting Your Kid’s Birthday… PRICELESS.


5. #BadMoms Are Known For Their Yelling.


6. You’re Clearly A #BadMom If You Don’t Post Pics Of Your Baby On Instagram. JK. LOLLERS.


7. Yeah… That’s Pretty #Bad.


8. I’m Afraid I’m Going To Have To Revoke Your #BadMom Card, Ma’am: A Lack Of Nail Painting Doesn’t Constitute Child Abuse.


9. Well, This Escalated Quickly.


10. Ding, Ding, Ding! My Bad, I Forgot Kim Kardashian Was The Worst #BadMom Of Them All.


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