11 Famous Bad Moms Even Good Moms Will Relate To

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6. Eloise’s mother

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The fact that I am a better mother than Eloise has is mostly due to the fact that I do not have the financial resources to set my child up in the penthouse of the Plaza with all the best tutors, doctors, pets, nanny, and personal shoppers a child could ever have. And with the child so well cared for, well there’s no reason not to go to the Met Gala or jump on a private plane to Paris for a weekend to hang out with Coco Chanel, right? If I were rich, I’d be awful. Happy and well-dressed, but awful.

7. Cersei Lannister

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She does genuinely love and want to protect her children. Who can’t relate to that? And we all hate being the bad guy with our kids. It’s so tempting to just say “Eff it” and not discipline a kid when he does something like not clean up his Lego, miss a curfew, or have a manservant murder a peasant boy.

8. Snow White’s Stepmother

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Come on, who hasn’t stood in front of a mirror and said, “What the fuck, man? Where did the last 10 years go?”

9. Betty Draper

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Poor, cruel, chilly, distant Betty Draper. She’s just so trapped in her perfect-on-paper family and suburban life. She’d be such a great mom if she just didn’t have to live in the suburbs or have children.

10. The mom and grandmother from Flowers in the Attic

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They have an attic big enough for four people, ballet, and incestuous pre-teen sex? Do you have any idea what a space like that would cost in the city?

11. Daenerys Targaryen


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You can’t blame the Mother of Dragons too much for losing her dragons. It’s hard enough to keep track of a normal toddler, and her kids can fly.

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