Back To School: Why Am I Sending My Child To School In Diapers?

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Everyone’s either totally excited about back-to-school or absolutely dreading it. I’m lingering somewhere in the middle. There’s the good: kid being kept busy, learning new stuff, socializing. And the bad: morning rush, homework, end-of-day exhaustion, carpooling (blech). But, really, this just refers to my older son, who’s about to enter first grade. Truth be told, I am so genuinely excited for him – this is a major milestone! – despite the fact that he’s already told me countless times this summer, “First grade sucks, Mommy.”

It’s my little guy, on the other hand, who I’m losing sleep over. He’s only two years old and, some time last year for some totally unknown reason, I decided to sign him up for “pre-school.” That means drop-off three mornings per week, where a group of mostly two-year-olds get together to, you know, glue cotton balls to construction paper and learn a grown-up rendition of “Twinkle Twinkle.” I never sent my older one to school at age two because I didn’t feel he was ready. But my little one is the type of kid who, when we’re trying to leave the park, for instance, I’ll say, “I’m counting to three and if you don’t come with me right now I’m leaving without you,” and he’ll wave goodbye with a smile as I walk away.

So, yes, he’s a tough one, my little guy. Fiercely independent. But he’s still my baby and it boggles my mind that he’s in diapers, can barely speak, still naps for two hours each day – and yet he’ll be venturing off on his own three days a week. To be clear, this isn’t a case of me wanting to hold on to his babyhood. Not at all. This is a matter of me wondering why on earth I’m sending my diaper-clad two-year-old to “school.”It seems silly and foolish and way too early. At the same time, I know that it’ll be amazing for his development and, well, fun.

Still, I’m having anxiety. It’s the whole diaper thing that kills me. What do you think? If staying home’s an option (with a nanny or family member, for example), would you choose to send your two-year-old to school?

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