Back To School Week: Top 5 Things Not To Do On The First Day Of School

back to school

Hey kids! The first day of school is nearly upon us. Whether your kid is packing off to college this weekend or  you’ll be walking your 5-year-old to their very first day of school, we’ll all be there. Who among us has not gotten a little weepy when we turn back and our little guy or girl is waving goodbye, lunchbox still in hand? Time moves quickly for our little ones. And there’s not that much time between the first day of fourth grade and the first day of Economics 101.

If you really think about it, there are only 12 first days of school in your kid’s life — and you’ll probably only be present for about half of them if you’re lucky. Once you get into those latter years, the chances of you even getting anywhere near that classroom threshold get slim. But they’re probably get even more slimmer if you hover in the hallways and insist on one upping the other parents about your kid being in the fancy new classroom on the second floor. So resist the urge to bawl on the first of school this year and click through to the top five things every parents should not do.


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