Back To School Week: 7 Teacher Tips To Get Your Kids Back Into School Mode

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back to schoolOh August. I’ve already attended school registration. My daughter has gotten her yearly physical and teeth cleaning. By the way, they started requiring dental exams for school at some time since I graduated? Alright then. You can’t walk through your local Target without being trampled by kids picking out their new folders and the right set of colored pencils. You can’t get into a department store without a pounding headache filled with back-to-school fashion, complete with neon glitter and lots of sequins. Yes, August is upon us.

Don’t spend all your time thinking about supply lists and vaccination records, though. In the flurry of back-to-school checklists it can be easy to forget that the real people who need to be ready for September are your kids. Yes, those lumps who have gotten tired of running around outside in the heat. The little ones who have gotten too used to snacks at any time throughout their day. The ones who are staying up late, waking up late, and generally ignoring clocks all together. Those kids have to get back into school-mode!

Don’t worry. Mommyish looked into this daunting task for you. We sat down with a couple teachers, themselves just getting back into the swing of things, to talk about how kids can prepare for the fall. Here are a few things to keep in mind in the upcoming weeks so that your children don’t suffer from culture shock during the first week of school.

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