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This Funny Back to School Photo Was Turned Into a Meme

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I love a clever back to school photo. Most of these images show the parents celebrating while the kids look on glumly, which is why this one caught my eye. It features school age kids, a younger sibling, and a dad poking fun at himself. In fact, Reddit users found the photo so amusing, they turned it into a meme.

The original back to school photo was already funny:

While the two middle kids hold up signs with their grade level, the humor lies with the dad and youngest sibling. Dad’s sign says, “My 6,287th day of work,” while the little one’s sign reads, “If I don’t hold a sign too, I am going to scream.” That is so relatable on so many levels.

A Reddit user uploaded the family’s original photo to r/photoshopbattles, and Redditors did what they do best.

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