3 Back To School Conversations I’ve Had With Annoying Working Moms

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toddler sippy cupsToday marked my third time enjoying my kids’ first day of school in Manhattan and I couldn’t help but laugh at “3 Back To School Conversations You’re Already Having With Annoying Moms.” Been there!

Of course SAHMs are the low hanging fruit of the back to school bunch.  They probably stayed up all night crafting pinteresting lunches, neatly folding their child’s emergency outfit, and personalizing their painting smock. And it’s true, they often earn their bad rap for being uber-competitive and snooty, especially in NYC.  But I’ve heard equally appalling things from the mouths of the working moms in the class.  Here’s a sample:

Conversation 1:

Mom (with blackberry glued to her hand): This gradual phase-in schedule is killing me! I’m supposed to take off three mornings this week to help Mygeniusuniqueson get used to his classroom?

Me: They are only two years old so they need some transition time to separate without creating anxiety.

Mom: Well it’s creating anxiety for me at work.

Me: And clearly you matter most.

Conversation 2:

Mom: This is my daughter’s first day, but my son is in the class downstairs.

Me: Both kids in school?

Mom: I know what you’re thinking but I don’t get a break. Ever. I work.

Conversation 3:

Mom (in business attire with huge diamond earrings): You’re only sending her three days a week?

Me: She’s two, she has her whole life to go to school.

Mom: But what will you do with her the other days?

Me: Play with her?

Mom: (mind blown)

(photo:  *superhoop*)