Bachelor Party Turns Into Real-Life Game of Thrones When Dudes Find Pile of Adorable Puppies

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A bachelor party started off normally and then turned completely adorable last month when eight partying dudes wound up rescuing eight wild dogs and adopting them, but I can’t be the only one worried about them, right? Because this is exactly how Game of Thrones got started, and obviously the next event is going to be that Michigan goes to war with Tennessee and the whole country is taken over by rich, scheming blondes.

According to USA Today, last month eight guys from Michigan went on an innocent bachelor party to Tennessee to go four-wheeling. They were cooking breakfast when one of them accidentally burned the bacon, so they opened the doors to air the cabin out, and that’s when a very skinny, underfed dog showed up on their doorstep.

The guys tried to get the dog to come in, but she just sat there and watched them eating their breakfast. Eventually they put some of the food outside for her and she ate it quickly, and then she started letting them pet her.

That already would have been an exciting bachelor party, because the sudden appearance of a strange, friendly dog is always a good thing. But the guys could tell she had puppies somewhere, because her nipples were hanging the way they do on dogs that are nursing puppies. So they decided to go off on a noble quest to find and rescue the puppies.

The mother dog, deciding these guys were her friends now, led them to a hole under a shield of briars and helped dig the puppies out. The puppies were about five or six weeks old, but seemed to be in good health. And there were exactly seven of them!

With eight dogs and eight dudes, obviously math meant that they had to adopt the puppies immediately. I want to know which one of them wound up on the phone with his partner going, “But there are eight of us and eight dogs! Clearly it is a sign from the Gods and we are meant to bring these puppies home … Oh c’mon, all the other guys are doing it!”

“You think of a bachelor party, and that’s the last thing you think of. Eight guys go down to go four wheeling and come back with eight dogs,” said Mitchel Craddock, the groom.

Craddock got married on October 8, fortunately avoiding any more Game of Thrones incidents, because weddings do not go well for anybody in that series, but his friends brought all the dogs for a reunion at the cutest rehearsal dinner ever.

The whole party ended wonderfully for everyone involved, but dudes, please be careful. If Ivanka Trump calls to invite you to a wedding, just run.