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All Bachelor in Paradise Hookups Need to Be Pre-Approved by Producers Now

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The reality TV-watching world was shocked in recent weeks after sexual misconduct allegations on the set of Bachelor in Paradise led to the entire production being shut down and the whole cast being sent home. Shooting has resumed on the show after an investigation by the production company seems to have satisfied everyone in charge that there was no evidence of misconduct and  it would be OK to continue, but it looks like some big changes will come to the show, and perhaps the biggest one is the rumor that from now on all sexual engagements must be pre-approved by producers.

It might seem antithetical to the “put a bunch of hot, horny, drunk people together on an island and see what happens” format of Bachelor in Paradise, but according to Cosmopolitan it’s part of a new contract for contestants, which also specifies that there are to be no drugs, legal or otherwise, and no contestant may consume more than two drinks per hour.

Usually couples don’t have to make appointments for sexual encounters until they have kids, but The LA Times says the new Bachelor in Paradise contract has a “check-in mandate” wherein any time anybody wants to have sex, all interested parties must approach a producer and submit a request. The producer then gets to say whether or not the couple can go to “The Boom Boom Room.” The requirements specifically  mention the “Boom Boom Room,” but likely affect all sexual encounters on the show.

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The new rules are meant to protect contestants and ensure that everything that happens on the show is consensual, but it’s worth noting that consent can be revoked at any time, even if a person has submitted a proposal to the producers of a reality TV show and been approved for sex.

Bachelor in Paradise has reportedly brought the contestants and crew back to the resort and resumed production on the new season, but although the investigation apparently found that there was no evidence of misconduct, Demario Jackson–who was accused of sexual misconduct towards contestant Corinne Olympios–will reportedly not be coming back.

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