Use This Babysitter Infographic As Your Summer Travel Sitter Rate Guide

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Families who are schlepping the babies about this summer may have concerns about checking that stroller or keeping the kids quiet on the plane. But once the aircraft has landed and your hosts have received you, the next question usually has something to do with childcare rates. Mothers and fathers who are traveling to new cities may be used to shelling out around $9.50 an hour in their hometown in Illinois, but offer that number to a seasoned New York babysitter and prepare for an elevated eyebrow.

So to prevent traveling well-intentioned families from making such social blunders, Urbansitter has prepared this infographic to give you an idea of what to pay a local sitter in say Boston or San Diego.  Along with some tidbits about their services, the online resource provides a breakdown of what you can expect to pay per child. And as a former sitter myself on both coasts, I can guarantee that three kids will cost you something entirely different in Los Angeles versus Denver.

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