Open Thread: Who’s Got A Babysitter Horror Story They Want To Share?

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nightmare-nannyI’ve really had a hard time wrapping my brain around this whole “Nightmare Nanny” story. She says she’s finally moving out – but can you imagine having someone just declare that they wouldn’t be leaving your house? I can’t.

Here’s a little background in case you missed the story:

The nanny they hired, Diane Stretton age 64, is described as being a fabulous nanny at first, until she suddenly decided to stop minding the children, come out of her bedroom except for meals, and oh yeah, she is threatening to sue her family for wrongful dismissal and abuse of the elderly and incredibly, has told them she wants them out of their own house daily between  eight am and eight pm.

The couple claims to have done a background check and both sides are hurling insults. The nanny says she was forced to work 24/7. The family locked the fridge in an attempt to get her to leave. My editor Eve Vawter sympathizes with her: “The idea of growing old and being alone is terrifying. Considering she was homeless it’s hard for me not to be sympathetic to her.” It’s not hard for me at all. If I asked someone to leave my house – the place where my children live – and they said “no” and basically started squatting there I would not be sympathetic at all. At all. Especially since the nanny has a history of being a litigious, sneaky sneak. It seems she’s old and alone for a reason. Sorry. If you’ve managed to make it into your old age and haven’t shed any of your horrible characteristics – that’s your problem.

I digress. In honor of Nightmare Nanny declaring she’s finally leaving, we thought we’d ask you all if you’ve ever had any nightmare experiences with a babysitter. I doubt any story will come close to this one – but let’s hear what you’ve got.

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