Baby’s Sex Should Not Be Withheld To Prevent Sex-Selective Abortion, Mommyish Readers Say

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sex selective abortionsThis week when Canadian doctor Dr. Rajendra Kale announced that sex-selective abortions were still happening in the western world, he advocated that hospitals adopt certain new policies regarding releasing medical information to parents. The doctor urged hospitals and physicians to withhold the sex of the baby until 30 weeks as to prevent couples with strong preferences for boys from aborting.

But a large chunk of Mommyish readers opposed  the idea, some citing specifically the suggestion that women can’t be trusted to know fundamental information about their own babies.

One Mommyish reader named Jen commented that “the rhetoric that women are not to be trusted to make decisions for themselves is harmful and comes from the same core place that sex selective abortions do.”

Another anonymous commentator said, “Taking away someone’s bodily autonomy is NEVER the answer, and will only strengthen the idea that boy babies are more valuable than girl babies.”

Breaking down and continuously going after the perception that boys are more desirable or preferential than girls can surely win out over keeping women in the dark about their own medical records.

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