Baby’s Bum Red? Uh Oh, Must Mean Tough Economic Times

I’ve always heard that the length of a woman’s skirt is indicative of the economy: shorter skirts mean times are good, longer skirts mean we’re in trouble. It’s an old theory and who knows if it’s true (sometimes the fashion gods reign recession or not). But the latest economic indicator is far closer to a mom’s heart: diaper rash.

According to Ad Age, there’s a correlation between high rates of diaper rash and the recession. The theory works on the premise that parents are using fewer diapers in an attempt to save money. Babies are therefore being changed less often and, well, they have irritated bums to prove it.

Parents spend around $1,500 per baby on diapers each year, Ad Age reports. But during a recession, it’s one of the first costs that households cut. So these poor little poopers are being changed less often than usual, which means they’re getting more diaper rashes. (Sad, isn’t it?)

The article explains that sales of diaper rash cream have increased for the third straight year despite the fact that the number of babies being born in the U.S. has declined over the same period. It’s ironic, really, that parents are shelling out dough for these expensive ointments when it seems their money could be better spend on preventative measures as in, diapers!

(Photo: Photodisc)

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