Babymoon: Vacation Or Family Planning Opportunity?

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Many couples like to take time for a trip before a new baby arrives. Planning for a new life amidst jobs, nursery design, decisions about childcare, and the accumulation of necessities leaves little time for anything else and so a planned vacation before hitting the due date is wise if you can swing it. But this type of pre-baby vacation has now been officially dubbed a “babymoon” as 59% of expecting couples make a point to travel before the birth.

There’s obviously more to consider when taking a “babymoon” as opposed to standard vacation. No flying after 34 weeks for one thing, and couples should also make sure that there are appropriate medical services available and close by. Informing the hotel, staff, or concierge that you are pregnant is also advised by Kate Maxwell, editor of Condé Nast Traveler, who recently penned an article on babymoon destinations.

Janae and Michael, the babymooning couple who appeared on TODAY, mentioned that their special vacation gave them the setting to connect on variety of important topics that needed discussion — but in a place that wasn’t “high pressure.” But do parents really use babymoons to hash out the final details of of their birthing plan, or as a chance to take a much needed break from the stress of rushing to prenatal yoga? Thoughts, Mommyish readers?

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