These Photos Of A Baby with A Puppy Napping Round Out This Weekend Of Cuteness

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This must be the weekend for adorable things, because between Batkid and twin spa babies, I am up to my neck in cute. But tell maybe not, nothing will ever be as cute as spa babies, but it’s definitely a close second. It’s a baby and a puppy napping, y’all! Every day. And there are pictures. OH the pictures!

According to Jessica Shyba from the blog Momma’s Gone City, the napping habit began after a particularly difficult night of crate training their new puppy Theo (who eventually ended up sleeping with Jessica, which sounds exactly like something I would do, because PUPPY). The next day, when Jessica was putting her toddler son Beau down for his nap, Theo jumped up and zonked out as well, starting what Jessica refers to as:

“…as the most organic and beautiful friendship I have ever witnessed. I was practically howling at the cuteness and nearly woke them both up.”

Yeah, I almost woke up my entire house when I saw the photos, so I get what she’s saying. SO CUTE. Jessica goes on to say that:

“Each day, Theo meets us at nap time and waits patiently for beau to fall asleep. By that time, he’s also sleepy, so when I hoist him onto our bed, he stumbles over Beau and plops right down on top of him. And there they sleep, entwined, for at least two hours.”

Jessica started posting the daily nap photos on her instagram account, and vows to keep it up under the hashtag #TheoandBeau. Yup. I don’t think there is anything that can happen that will top this, at least for today. Except perhaps spa baby triplets (one can dream, right?).