Baby Whale Rescues Mom Beached on Sandbank


The actual world may have turned into a headline from Sick Sad World, but at least nature is full of sweetness and light. Well, OK, nature is also full of animals slaughtering each other and being all “red in tooth and claw,” but that’s not exactly shareable on Facebook, so luckily for us animals occasionally act like people, only better, and earlier this week some people caught footage of a baby whale rescuing its mother from being beached on a sandbank, and it’s pretty adorable.

According to the BBC, the mother humpback whale was traveling with her calf when she got trapped in shallow water near Australia. Onlookers saw her splashing in the shallow water, but she was well stuck on the sand. Her calf swam back and forth in a baby-whale panic for a while, and for a moment it looked like this could end like a Disney movie. That’s not a good thing, because Disney movies are great if you’re a young orphan girl, but if you’re someone’s mother, you’re virtually guaranteed to wind up dead within the first 15 minutes like in Bambi or Finding Nemo or Frozen or, well, just all of them, really.

But after paddling around in a panic for a little while, the baby whale started pushing on its mom to try to get her free. And he did! He managed to knock her far enough off the sand bank that she could start swimming again, and everyone’s hearts were warmed.

“The whale was able to free itself and the adult and the calf were able to swim away,” said a spokesperson from the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services, which were called out to help the pair, but turned out to not really be necessary because the baby whale saved the day.

The mother was reportedly exhausted and distressed by the ordeal, but she and the baby made it back out into the ocean safely.

The Parks and Wildlife Services helped usher the pair back out into deeper waters so they wouldn’t get stuck again.

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