8 Perfect Baby Valentines To Prove Your Undying “S-Motherly” Love

If your baby is your whole world, and you can’t stand to think of anything else all day long, then you are obviously in the right place. If you are a mother that doesn’t love your baby with the most burning, undying, unclenching love thirst, then you better GTFO right now, or else I’m going to call CPS.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate your baby love, and I’m talking about literal babies, people. Save the inappropriate TLC “Baby, Baby, Baby” love for after-hours when mommies turn into real people again.

Even though your baby can’t talk yet, you can still show your little one just how much you care with these helpful and expressive Valentines. I would recommend that you laminate these little suckers and maybe plaster them all over your baby’s crib. The moment they learn to read, they will understand how much you care. These Valentine’s messages will make sure that they never, ever forget your love UNTIL THE END OF TIME.

These Valentines go out to all of the ladies that put the “mother” in SMOTHER:

1. Owl Always Love You


2. Hoo Loves You?


3. Let’s Bee Friends


4. Bee Mine


5. UR GR8


6. Sending Loads Of Love


7. You’re A Purr-Fect Baby!




(photo: Getty Images)

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