20 Beautiful Baby Traditions From Around The World

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A Turkish Milk Boost

Image: Instagram/ @stambul_istanbul

In Turkey new moms are given a drink called Lohusa Åžerbeti. It’s believed this sweet drink helps build a mama’s milk supply in the days after baby’s birth. She’s given it first in the hospital, and then both she and any guests that visit her in her confinement period are served it. This period, called ‘laying in’ by some cultures and confinement by others, is supposed to last for 40 days. During that time a mom can accept visitors. Nevertheless, she and baby aren’t supposed to go out. The water based serbeti contains cloves, lohusa sugar, and cinnamon. Sounds delicious! Here in the US, this Mommyish article says that many moms resort to Mother’s Milk Tea.

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