20 Beautiful Baby Traditions From Around The World

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The string that binds us all

Image: Flickr/Eric Lafforgue

In the South Asian country of Laos, there’s a special ceremony held at transitional times. It’s the Baci. During this ceremony, usually presided over by an elder or a Buddhist monk, a white string is tied around a new mother’s and infant’s wrist for every guest that wishes her well. The ceremony is also used to tie in good luck, securing it with a wrist full of string bracelets. Afterward, Mom is encouraged to leave the strings on for at least three days. This way, the good wishes are more likely to come true. The whole thing takes place around a marigold pyramid, with the beautiful orange flowers used as a draping structure for the white ceremonial string. And every sleep deprived, barely showered new mama out there can use all the well wishes she can get.

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